What Are Backlinks And How To Create Backlink

Backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another web page. One of the most used word in the world of blogging is to create backlink which is used for SEO. More the number of backlink you have, more popular is your blog/site.

If you don’t know what are backlink, how to create backlink, types of backlink, what are advantage of backlink then lets dig in deep to understand these stuff.

create backlink

# What is a backlink?

Backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another web page or we can say when Blog “A” adds a URL to Blog “B” then one backlink is created for Blog “A”. More the number of backlink you have, more popular is your blog. Some search engines like Google will consider web sites with more backlink is more relevant in search result page.

# What is the structure of backlink?

The basic structure of backlink that has to be added to another website is like this

<a href=”https://www.submitmyblog.com”>Backlink</a>

Now lets understand each every letter and symbol

->Anchor Tag <a>: Starting of a link is represented by anchor tag. Anchor tag is to say search engine that hyperlink is about to follow.

->href: Hyperlink Referral (href) indicates the web address to which anchor tag is pointing out. The web address should always be in quotation mark.

->Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text which is visible to user and clickable. Anchor text is always placed in between anchor tag i.e between <a> and </a>. In my example I have used the word “Backlink” as my anchor text.

->Closing Tag: This indicate the closure of the hyperlink tag.

# How to create backlink?

Backlink can easily be created. First you need to type a suitable word that will be visible to user then you need to allocate a hyperlink to that word, its done. Now you need to put that linked word to another blog having high traffic or high domain authority to create a successful backlink.

# What are different types of backlink?

There are mainly two types of backlink. One is “Do-Follow-Backlink” and another is “No-Follow-Backlink”. Lets understand to create backlink

->DoFollow Backlink: DoFollow backlink not only link one web page to another but also transfer site’s quality metrics which means the more dofollow backlink you get, the more qualitative your blog will be. Dofollow backlink improves domain authority. By default all the link that we add in blog post is dofollow links.

->How does dofollow links look like

<a href=”https://www.submitmyblog.com”>dofollow link</a>

->NoFolow Backlink: Nofollow backlink connect one website to another but does not transfer site’s quality metrics i.e nofollow links does not improve domain authority. By default all blog comments are nofollow links.

->How does nofollow links look like

<a href=”https://www.submitmyblog.com” rel=”nofollow”>nofollow link</a>

# What are advantages of backlink

Backlink has wide importance and advantage in SEO. It is important to have backlink from quality sites. Following are the advantages of quality backlink
-Improves organic traffic
-Increase domain authority
-Faster indexing
-Increase revenue


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